Transcripts [Updated August 4]

Over the years, have transcribed presentations, conference calls and so forth that I found particularly interesting or valuable. It has been helpful to have a record of exactly what was said on a particular occasion. Word choice, phrasing, context and so forth can be very revealing.

When I get really really tired of reading the same (simplified) stuff over and over as it is refracted through the media and analyst reports, find it therapeutic to go back to the original sources. Curiously while combing through material (transcribing) after the dust has settled, often a different much richer picture emerges.

Then there is also the difference of hearing a presentation and reading a transcript. For later review, much prefer a transcript. Easier to skim/ text search. (joke)

Have decided to put some transcripts up here on the blog as an experiment.

To reach transcripts either click on the links in the sidebar box titled “Pages,” or on the links in “Transcripts” in the menu bar above. Transcripts are organized by date:

My working plan is to put up the msystems’ analyst day from 2006 first. x4 was announced on this analyst day and the presentations focussed on the technology. This was msystem’s first, and as it has turned out, only analyst day, as msystems was acquired by SanDisk the following month.

“What happened to x4?” attempts to update the saga.

This FLSH analyst day was webcast live, but no replay was ever available. In the interests of not cluttering up the pages box, am just putting it up in two parts. Each part contains several presentations. This is pretty dense stuff and a bit obscure, probably only of interest to the more hardcore out there. A great intro to x4 though and included is x4 info not available anywhere else to my knowledge.

Part I (up now) includes:

Dov Moran, President and CEO
Simon Litsyn, Chief Scientist, Future Technologies Group
Ronit Maor, CFO
Q&A (Part I)

Part II (up now) includes

Ira Cohen, VP Marketing and Development- MNO division
Co-Manager- Mobile Handset Division
Amir Tirosh, General Manager Embedded Systems Division
Tzipi Ozer-Armon, General Manager Retail and Enterprise Division
Daniel Schrieber, VP Marketing and Business development
Dov Moran, President and CEO
Q&A (Part II)

Except for Dov and Daniel Schrieber, don’t know how many of these folks are still with SanDisk. For selfish reasons hope they are still around. An interesting and talented group. In any case, wish them well.

Dov Moran now has a new start-up, Infone-tech also in Kfar Saba, down the road from SanDisk (msystems): “Changing Paradigms in the Mobile World.” Infone-tech is in stealth mode. Official announcements will be at 3GSM next year: February 11 to 14 in Barcelona. Piecing together clues, it seems likely that Infone-tech is all about Personal information Management in mobile applications or put another way integration of mobile connectivity with personal databases.

Daniel Schrieber seems to be a rising star with SanDisk. Quite an articulate guy. At SanDisk he is now Senior VP & GM of the Audio Video Business Unit. Had his own presentation at this year’s SNDK analyst day.

Eli Harari’s presentation from this year’s SNDK analyst day is up now. He took about an hour to present the strategic vision for the company.

The audio and the slides are available on the SanDisk site in Investor Relations.

Have decided to hold off on putting up more from the SanDisk analyst day for the time being. There are a number of posts I have in mind which tie back to specific presentations. Am thinking now that I will put up the relevant presentations at the same time as the posts.

The Q2 SNDK conference call is up now. SNDK releases transcripts of the prepared comments, but the SNDK transcript doesn’t include the Q&A. Yes, I know that the Q&A is already available elsewhere, but prefer to do my own.

When transcribing I am very literal. What was said, incomplete sentences and all, though don’t bother with operator comments or safe harbor statements. If I’m not sure of a word will often add (?) following the word. If I wasn’t able to make out a phrase will use [inaudible] or [missed words]. If I want to add my own notes will use [brackets].

I may post updates tomorrow on SSDs and MLC, and 3D R/W. If not tomorrow, at some point. In any case TSEM& SNDK should hopefully be up on 12 August or so. Believe that story is primarily about specialized controllers.



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