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Over the years, have transcribed presentations, conference calls and so forth that I found particularly interesting or valuable. It has been helpful to have a record of exactly what was said on a particular occasion. Word choice, phrasing, context and so forth can be very revealing.

Have decided to put up some transcripts as an experiment. Hopefully will put up more as time goes on. Likely as background for specific blog posts.

When transcribing, typically I am very literal and include what was said, incomplete sentences and all, though don’t bother with operator comments or safe harbor statements. If I’m not sure of a word, will often add (?) following the word. If I’m not able to make out a phrase will use [inaudible] or [missed words]. If I add my own notes, use [brackets].


8 Responses to Transcripts

  1. gl90 says:

    hi savo

    ocngrats for your work
    go to http://WWW.SEEKINGALPHA.COM

    exlnt transcripts of all major COs

  2. aporeh says:

    Great job. Let me know if you need any Hebrew -English translations.

  3. savolainen says:

    Hi aporeh,

    Nice to hear from you. Thanks for the translation offer.

    After the post on SNDK & TSEM. Have noticed that a few Hebrew sites have become “referrers” to my blog. Am a bit curious about what kinds of sites these are. Can you explain?:


  4. aporeh says:

    The first (talniri) is a single indiv post on a discussion board
    The second, sponser is another discussion board
    The third bursacenter is a discussion board with interesting comments… nothing about SNDk… the interesting notes are related to ORA. Ormat is is worth looking at. A great company that might be going through a hostile takeover.

  5. DAVID Harris says:

    Savo, I have followed you for quite some time. Thanks for what you do. I listened to the JPM call today, I can not think of the last time I have felt as good about the prospects. I have been around for 10-12 years and I think Eli may feel the same way. Again, thank you. David Harris

  6. savolainen says:

    Hey David,

    10-12 years is a long time for this business. Were you in SanDisk all along or did you come at this through FLSH?

    FLSH was a rather remarkable company. I wish Dov the best with Modu. This is a tough time to be trying to trying new ideas.

    I was also encouraged by the JPM event. I suspect that the big deal, and the reason that Eli was in such a good mood, was the continuing strength of NAND pricing. This is boring and obvious, but a big deal nonetheless- for what it can do for the health of SanDisk’s business.

    Accordingly, I expect SanDisk will surprise on the upside for Q2.

    Continuing strong demand is rather remarkable given the consumer doldrums. When the NAND producers go back to full capacity in the 2nd half of this year, I suspect a lot of folks are expecting a collapse in NAND pricing.

    Reading between the lines of Eli’s JPM comments, I think SanDisk believes demand will soak up this supply.

    I have put up a transcription of JPM which can be accessed through the pages box. I may post some additional thoughts if I have time this week. If not, then probably next.


  7. cathy says:


    Thanks for your terrific insight. I have found it extremely helpful.

    What is your opinion of Schlomi Cohens recent article, intimating that Sandisk may delist?


    • savolainen says:

      Hey cathy,

      Shlomi is very smart and very connected.

      The LBO scenario he outlines is both logical and believable. It may very well be how SNDK’s end game goes.

      Personally though, I’m not convinced this is how next year will play out.

      There is another far more boring scenario. It could be Eli is simply retiring.

      Yes many analysts are missing the potential of SanDisk. To my mind there is a very large gap between SNDK’s market valuation and actual current value.

      Maybe private money will step in. Maybe not.

      SanDisk typically swings between extremes of hope and fear.

      I hope to touch on this in my next post. With any luck it will be up Sunday.


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