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The custom image header at the top of this blog has kind of taken on a life of its own. Some weeks it changes. Some weeks it doesn’t. There isn’t any grand plan or concept. Have found that in researching posts, I will often come across interesting images of people, places or things that are related to that week’s post. If the images seem like they should be in the header, I try to find a spot for them.

In any case, I find it entertaining.

1 One of msystems’ buildings in Kfar Saba. I took this picture in October of 2006. Figure the signs have changed by now.

2 The golden chip behind the FLSH building is an x4 controller (I think.) If not the controller, it’s likely an x4 chip. SanDisk (and FLSH before them) seems to use this image to illustrate x4 in presentation graphics

3 Shlomi Cohen, veteran Israeli financial journalist and stock analyst who writes the ‘Buy, Sell, Hold’ column for the Israeli financial publication, the Globes. Shlomi’s always worth listening to. A smart, connected guy who calls them like he sees them.

4 John Albano (1936 – 2000) For those not familiar with Cencomco, he was a legend on the old FLSH Yahoo board. Remarkably articulate guy with a knack for dead-on predictions. Nice write-up on Cencomco in Wired.com.

5 Dov Moran, co-founder of msystems which was acquired by SanDisk Corporation in 2006. Moran was president, CEO and chairman of the board of directors of msystems from 1989 until September 2006. Under Dov, msystems grew from a company with annual revenues of $16 million in 1998 to $615 million in 2005.

6 “What a great line up!!!! I’m talking of course of Sandisk’s “best in class” Extreme Ducati edition line of memory cards and USB flash drive. Frankly I was a bit surprised (but definitely not shocked!) of this very sexy launch here in “prude” Silicon Valley where “performance” rarely meets “flesh”, so to speak, or vice and versa! However, I’m not sure everybody appreciated the cat walk at it’s most… but I did… so did Eli… I think ;-)” Uberpulse July 18, 2007

7 Eli Harari. President and CEO of SanDisk since the company’s inception in 1988. He’s the vision guy or big kahuna, if you’re an SNDK investor.

8 SanDisk world headquarters in Milpitas, California.

9 Al Shugart, over Eli’s shoulder. Al was Seagate’s CEO and a longtime SanDisk board member. By investing in and partnering with SanDisk in the early 1990s, Al had effectively implemented a solid-state memory insurance policy for Seagate’s hard-disk franchise. When Al was forced out of Seagate in 1998, Seagate management burned its SanDisk bridges, selling its 12M+ SanDisk shares and severing ties between the two companies. Al stayed on the SanDisk board until shortly before his death in 2006.


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